AIA Miami Sustainable Design Architect of the Year 2011 DADE Heritage Trust 2013


AIA Miami Sustainable Design Architect of the Year 2011 AIA Miami Sustainable Design Architect of the Year 2011

Sustainable Design
Architect of the
Year 2011

AIA Miami Young Architect of the Year 2010

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AIA Sustainable Design Architect of the Year 2009

Sustainable Design
Architect of the
Year 2009

What we do...

Sebastian Eilert Architecture – S.E.A. - provides sustainable Architecture, Consulting and Design Services to Building owners (Home, Business and Hospitality) and interested industry professionals (emerging, growing and leading). S.E.A. stands out with international green building experience and leadership as the best company to deliver the highest quality customized service for your project in a feasible manner.Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers - South Miami Restaurant
With S.E.A. as part of your project team, spaces will be better, healthier and have economic saving, in energy, water, and resources, which also reduce the burden on this planet. S.E.A. helps to set yourself apart as a leader in your community and to know that you are doing the right thing!

Why we do it...

S.E.A. practices and promotes positive environmental change within the building industry. The company focuses on economic, social and environmental benefits through integrated building solutions to advance awareness of sustainable principles in theory and practice.

What guides us...

S.E.A. provides quality services that will enrich the project for the user and the environment and creates enduring spaces for generations to come. To achieve the above, S.E.A. operates under the following key principals:

  • INNOVATION:  Projects will adapt to new users, uses and technologies; now and in the future.
  • DISTINCTION:  Projects are unique, custom and suit the individual client.
  • SUSTAINBILITY:  Projects are designed with future generations in mind.
  • QUALITY:  Projects are designed to be long lasting with superior quality design, materials and technology.
Knightley Residence GaiaMa - Biscayne Park Residence Abbot Residence Moorings Residence


Sustainability means taking care of our environment-for the sake of the world that we live in. And it also means developing something that is relevant in the future. Architects like Sebastian Eilert and his team shape our world with sustainable solutions. What do creatives like Sebastian demand from coloring products when it comes to performance and responsibility?​ View Video.


"Respect the natural environment and all its elements. Our presence on this planet is temporary and we must ensure the existence of the planet and its resources. They were here before us and will be here after our passing. Live life to the fullest but be mindful of the impact your actions have." — S.E.A.